Did You Find a Stray Animal?

FIRST, PLEASE BE SAFE! If the animal appears to be injured or aggressive, please do not try to capture the animal. Please call your local animal control agency or 911 immediately. Even the nicest animal may bite if it is in pain or senses danger.

If you can safely capture the animal, take it to the nearest vet hospital or shelter to have it scanned for a microchip. The vet may even recognize the pet! If there is no chip, please contact your local animal control agency for more information.

Many times it is a neighbor’s pet, or your neighbors may know who it belongs to, so consider going knocking on doors in your neighborhood with a photo or description of the animal, and walking around the neighborhood with the animal on leash.

You may also consider posting a photo of the animal and information about where it was found (date, time, location) on social media and/or Craigslist. There are several lost/found Facebook pages – also look to see if someone has posted their missing animal:

The Baltimore Humane Society is prohibited by County law from accepting stray animals, as we are a private shelter and not an animal control facility. Below please find contact information for nearby animal control agencies:

  • Baltimore County: 410-887-7297
  • Baltimore City: 410-396-4689 (or 311 from inside the city)
  • Carroll County: 410-848-4810

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