“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

—A.A. Milne

Lily was a brown, short-haired tabby with a butterscotch belly, adopted in October 2007. She had given birth to 6 kittens, all of whom found homes.

Lily loved a sun-lit window sill, an open lap, & canned tuna fish. Everyone was her friend. Her burial spot by the cemetery entrance is fitting as she was always so welcoming to visitors.

Everyone who met her knew that she was special & loved her. We were so fortunate to have her as part of our family.

Rest in peace you sweet kitten.

Our beloved kitten, Madison "Maddie" of 18 years passed on November 3, 2022 in the comfort of our/her home with me by her side in her own bed. Maddie suffered a brief illness which took her from us suddenly.
Maddie will be missed. I know in my heart Maddie has passed over to a beautiful afterlife with no pain or suffering. We love you Maddie. You will be in our hearts forever.

Dark Guinea Pig eating a marigold

Buccaneer was a very special lady adopted from the Humane Society in 2018. She enjoyed her own home and later made two guinea pig friends who she welcomed with open paws into her life. They are blessed by the friendships they had and we know Buccaneer is on the rainbow bridge wishing us all good luck.

Tan fluffy dog

On November 13, 2022, our precious Simba passed away. Simba lived a long and full life providing her family with unconditional love. She was the runt of the litter and the heart and soul of our family. She loved looking out the front door, playing hide and seek and fetching her ball as well as eating pizza crust and peanut butter. We miss her dearly and will love her forever. Mom, Dad, Hunter, Maura, Brooksy, Logan, Grandma, Grammy, Uncle Marc & River.

Cody was an adorable beagle that was crazy for food. He enjoyed his human family, and he initiated his human siblings into his pack. Cody enjoy visiting his dog friends in the neighborhood. Cody was always on the lookout for animals in the yard, especially bunnies. Cody was a very popular dog in the neighborhood. He will be greatly missed. Everybody loved him!

Lily spent the last 9 years of her life in a loving home with lots of blankets and laps to snuggle on. She always sniffed every flower on out walks and loved to bark at us for treats. We miss her immensely already and adopting her was the best thing we did for our family.

Ellie was a Chowbrador born and raised in Austin Texas, she spent her adolescence in Brooklyn, New York, and retired in suburban Maryland. An ancestor of Chinese royalty she was loyal and proud, but also gentle and goofy. She loved running off leash, hikes, and swimming. As an avid hunter she chased squirrels and tennis balls. Everyone who met Ellie loved Ellie. She passed away at 15 years of age, leaving her mother and grandparents who miss and love her deeply.

Lucky was brought home on 07/24, 2021. Even though she’s only the size of two palms, she showed no fear to humans and immediately got familiar with her new family. Her tail shook like a puppy all the time and she is so generous to show her love. Her favorite toy is the kicker toy and she loves sitting on the lap and being petted. She left on 02/09, 2022 in the hospital and she will be missed by all her family. The precious memory with her will give the rest of the family strength to live.

Rummy Snyder

Rummy passed peacefully at home on 3/18/22 in the arms of his loving parents Ruthie and Brian. Our brave, sweet boy fought so hard against bladder cancer and kidney disease, and now he is at peace and no longer in pain or discomfort. The amount of love we shared with Rummy in his 10 years with us is more than we could put into words. He was our world, our soul dog and made our family complete. Rummy will forever be in our hearts and memories. Until we meet again Rum Rum, we love you so much baby.

Spooky Sullivan-Winpigler passed peacefully in her loving home on Feb 16, 2022. She is survived by her owners, spider sibs & bunny brother, Chumby. Those that knew the "Spoot" recall her sweet, sassy, social & communicative nature. Spooky was diagnosed with FeLV at the time of her adoption but was able to thrive, play, snuggle, meow, yowl & party till the end. She was the best Spooky spoon, fur friend & cat around, and she will be dearly missed & never forgotten. "Gre-Gah!" We love you, Spooky.

The click-clack of his nails on the floor. The jingle of the tags on his collar. The soft puppy-dog snores. All but memories now. Our hearts are broken.

Marley was an active therapy pet. He enjoyed his daily three-mile walks and free runs on the beach. He was loved by all. He is sadly missed. Marley is a Baltimore Humane Society alumnus.

Brave guardian. Beloved red heeler.
"There are no goodbyes for my dog who has died,
and we don't now and never did lie to each other."

Shayna was a warm-hearted family member and a true friend. She was especially fond of her daily walks, gazing out the window at her doggie neighbors and squirrels and napping by Man’s (Dad’s) side on her favorite beds. She loved her treats too!

Forever in our hearts, we will always love you Shayna Punim (Fuzzyboo)…

”You are a pretty girl, you are a good girl!” -- Mommy

Hugs for an adored sister/companion from Matthew, Rebecca and Eloise Belle too!

longhaired gray striped cat

​Mr. Kitty was a unique cat, often times said to have a dog-like personality. Having lived in 5 different houses and 2 states, he made an impression everywhere he went. Even non-cat people couldn't help but fall in love with his friendly personality and show-stopping green eyes. He never hesitated to speak up, often times engaging in full conversations with his people. He will be truly and sorely missed, and will live on through the stories we will share with the future generation.

tan & black dog

Diamond D. Frazier, daughter of Riley and Bruno, was born August 1, 2010 in Baltimore. MD. God touched her paw and called his dog angel home to rest August 22, 2021. Her adopted parents, Vincent and Carolyn Frazier, raised her up as a puppy and gave her the name Diamond. Diamond loved (and had to play with) Carolyn's slippers. She loved to be rubbed on her stomach. She loved to be spoiled by her Daddy, Vincent. She had gotten anything she wanted with her name on it. RIP, Luv.

Puppy lived a short, but happy life as devoted pet & faithful support animal to Rita Schine for 5 1/2 years. Loved by all who met him, his was a warm & delightful spirit so easy to love. As we mourn, the tragedy of his sudden passing leaves our hearts saddened, yet we are comforted by the many precious memories we share. Along with his Mom, he leaves to mourn a host of relatives and friends. Rest in peace Sweet Boy, we will forever love you and thank you for our "Puppy Smiles."

cream colored cockapoo dog

Beloved cockapoo, Cisco Oppel, died on September 28, 2021. His parents, Millie the cocker spaniel and Romeo the red toy poodle predeceased him. He is greatly missed by his parents Gail and Jerry and his many friends

Sherman was our beloved Basset Hound. He was the joy in our lives. He loved everyone, his walks, his naps, getting into trouble, visiting with neighbors; but most of all he loved us. There are no words for how much he will be missed.

Black rabbit with light up bow

Berto, we are writing this letter to you above, to tell you how much we miss you with all of our hearts and love. We do not know why you had to go. It is hard not to touch you. It is hard not to see you. JUST ONE MORE TIME.

We feel you around us. We know you live on. Someday we will see you again lil momma. We will hold you close in our hearts. Keep sending signs.

Always remembered. Always loved, forever and a day.

Black lab in a ballet tutu

Forever in our hearts.

gray bunny

James was the bestest friend I could've ever had. He was everything all wrapped into one. A listener, someone to make me laugh when I needed and someone to let me cry when I needed. In my time of need he was always there. But there was a price to his love- carrots. Very ironic I know. But give him a carrot and he was the happiest bun in the world. James was apart of our family and more than a pet. He was our best fiend and we thank him for the time we shared. We'll miss you bun. Fly high❤️

Molly was a beautiful rescue hound with stilts for legs, a regal white fur collar, kind brown eyes with permanent eye liner, soft head and ears. Molly enjoyed hikes and Saturday morning visits to the dog park. She loved sun beams, snow and soft things. Molly welcomed three human siblings into her family and they described her as “super friendly, super cute, big heart, loving, loyal, gentle, determined, forgiving and sweet.” Molly brought joy to many and was deeply loved.

Black lab with white muzzle

Our Beloved Hunter was a happy go lucky guy who loved everyone he met. We know he is up in heaven with his dad being the best hunting and fishing buddy he can be. Well, Hunter wasn’t much of “Hunter,” so you can forget about him retrieving the bird, it’s not gonna happen. He was more skilled in the “How big of a stick can I carry around” category. We will miss you, you sweet, lovable guy! Hunter was, in fact, just a good old boy.

Until we hear your bark again...

Black & white cat on a quilt

Forever loved and missed.