Wellness Clinic


The Baltimore Humane Society is committed to assisting pet owners in maintaining the health of their pets.

African American vet in lab coat standing next to yellow Lab

Our Wellness Clinic offers services designed to help low and moderate-income families keep their pets happy and healthy. We do this through the generosity of private donors; we receive no public funds for support.

Appointments Required

Patients are seen by appointment only.

  • Our Wellness Clinic provides Preventive Veterinary Care including annual wellness exams, vaccinations, and testing for heartworm/lyme disease, feline leukemia/FIV, and intestinal parasites.


  • Unfortunately, we are unable to see sick or injured animals through this clinic. These animals should be taken to a “Full Service Veterinary Clinic” for treatment.



Wellness Visit Hours
  • Tues, Wed & Thurs: 10AM – 2PM
  • Saturdays: 9AM – 3PM


Notice to all Wellness Clients-

Your time is valuable and so is ours. Out of respect for everyone’s time, we have implemented the following policy for late arrivals:

  • You arrive 15 minutes late (or more) for your appointment, a $20.00 late fee will be applied.
  • Arrivals more than 20 minutes late may be asked to reschedule
    for another day.
Appointment Pricing
  • Exam (required for vaccinations)
  • Recheck Exam
  • Technician Appointment

To make a wellness/vaccination appointment, please call 410-833-8848 option 3.


A veterinary exam is required at the time of all annual vaccinations. If your pet is receiving a vaccine for the first time, they will need to get a booster vaccine in 2-3 weeks for the vaccine to provide the best and most complete protection for your pet. You may schedule an appointment for the booster with your regular veterinarian or through the BHS Spay, Neuter & Vaccine Clinic.



  • Rabies $20
  • DHPP $20
  • Bordetella $30
  • Leptospirosis $32
  • Lyme $33
  • Canine Influenza $43


  • Rabies $20
  • FVRCP $20
  • Feline Leukemia $31

Diagnostic Services

An appointment with the veterinarian is required with each of these services.

Heartworm Test $25

Heartworm Test
(blood test screening for canine heartworms, spread by mosquitos)

4Dx Test $42

Heartworm/Lyme/Ehrlichia/Anaplasma Test
(blood test screening for canine mosquito and three tick-borne diseases)

Felv/FIV Test $35

Feline Leukemia Virus/Feline Immunodeficiency
(blood test screening for the most common feline infectious diseases)

Fecal Testing $25

Fecal screen for intestinal parasites

Additional Services

An appointment with the veterinarian is required for all services.

  • Microchipping $27
  • Ear Mite Treatment $16
  • Tape Worm Treatment $26
  • Anal Gland Expression $26
Vet holding stethoscope offering cat a treat
  • Deworming $9 / $25

    $9 Up to 20 weeks of age /  $25 over 20 weeks

  • Flea Prevention$16

    30 days, cost depends on weight/species

  • Flea Treatment with Oral Capstar $13

    Only kills the fleas currently on the pet. This service is NOT a flea bath/dip and is not an effective long term treatment or prevention.


WELLNESS VISIT / VACCINATION APPOINTMENT, please call 410-833-8848 ext. 3 


Please note, BHS offers public humane euthanasia services on Mondays and Fridays only, so we have limited slots.

Please call our Wellness Clinic to speak to a staff member to make an appointment.
410-833-8848 ext. 209 or email them at [email protected]

If you need pet cremation or funeral services, please visit our Pet Loss Center page here.

  • Under 30 lbs $61
  • Over 30 lbs $78


If you have a vaccination appointment at Baltimore Humane Society on a day that is snowy or icy, please monitor your email, texts and phone messages closely. Cancellations will be announced via these outlets by 6am the day of the appointment.