We will be closed to the public today (Friday, September 24) for a staff event. We appreciate your understanding. We will reopen Saturday for our regular hours.

We are open for Adoptions Tuesday-Sunday 12-5pm and Mondays from 12-4pm. We encourage you to fill out an adoption application prior to your visit for pre-approval. Spay/Neuter & Wellness visits as well as Bmore Kind Pet Food Bank assistance are by appointment only. Please check the corresponding menu tabs for information. Call 410-833-8848 with questions. TO APPLY FOR BMORE KIND PET FOOD BANK ASSISTANCE, PLEASE CLICK HERE

Group Volunteering

Group Volunteers

We rely on groups to help us with bigger projects such as groundskeeping, landscaping, event help, various cleaning tasks, etc. We ask groups to schedule their volunteer days in advance and fill out our group volunteer form.

We will do our best to accommodate anyone who wishes to volunteer. If any member of your group needs special accommodations, please contact the volunteer manager at least one week prior to your arrival.

Group Volunteer Form

Group Volunteer Guidelines

Before Arrival

All volunteers must sign waivers prior to volunteering. To ensure that your group can get started right away, we ask that each group email the volunteer manager a typed list of volunteers and scanned volunteer waivers no later than 2 days prior to arrival.

If the number of volunteers in your group changes, please let us know prior to your arrival so that we can plan accordingly!


While onsite, volunteers may be exposed to hay, peanut butter, dust, and grass. The volunteer manager must be notified if any member of your group is allergic to peanut butter or hay.

Special Accommodations

Please contact the volunteer manager at least one week prior to your arrival if any member of your group needs special accommodations. We will do our best to accommodate anyone who wishes to volunteer.

send us an email

What to Wear

Comfortable Clothing

Each participant must wear comfortable clothing that can get dirty while volunteering. Volunteers may not wear tops with bare-midriffs, dangling jewelry, or headphones while onsite. We strongly recommend that anyone doing trail maintenance wear long pants.

Closed-toed Shoes

Closed-toed shoes with traction must be worn while on-site! TOM’s and other cloth shoes are not sufficient for our grounds and facilities, which may be muddy or wet.


Groups working on outdoor projects are responsible for bringing work gloves for each participant.

Group Expectations

Group leaders are expected to share BHS expectations and guidelines for volunteers prior to arrival.

  • Project times are estimates, groups may finish early.
  • Projects may be canceled due to bad or dangerous weather.
  • BHS tools must be returned to our garage or a staff member.
  • Groups are responsible for picking up their own trash (water bottles, food wrappers, etc.) in areas where they are working.

Youth Groups

Any group with participants under 18 must include at least 1 chaperone over the age of 18 and a 5:1 minor-to-chaperone ratio.

A guardian’s or parent’s signature must be on the waivers prior to arrival. Any minor arriving to volunteer without a parent’s signature on their waiver will not be able to participate in group volunteering.

Anyone in your group under the age of 18 must have a ride on site to pick them up no later than 5:30 p.m. The group coordinator or chaperone must stay until each minor is picked up.