Meet the Staff

Christine DeCorse

Executive Director
410-833-8848 x207

Wendy Goldband

Development, Marketing & PR Director
410-833-8848 x202

Katie Dixon

Shelter Program Director
410-833-8848 x204

Mary Zink, DVM

Medical Director
410-833-8848 ext.220

Veronica VanHof

Cemetery & Funeral Director
410-833-8848 x219
443-927-6193 Mobile

Meghan Sweeney

Marketing Coordinator
410-833-8848 ext. 224

Tammy Hickman

Intake Manager
410-833-8848 x204

Janis Silbersack

Cattery Manager

Alanna Gamerman

Dog Kennel Manager

Adrienne Yoe

Volunteer Manager
410-833-8848 x223

Kenny Fahnestock

Training and Behavior Manager

Claudia Lescalleette

Small Animal & Cat Specialist
410-833-8848 x211

Cathy Rose

Accounting Manager
410-833-8848 x217

Amanda Wetters

Adoption Counselor

Ashley Byers

Animal Care Technician

Bella MacArthur

Adoption Counselor

Chelsea Princinsky

Shelter Veterinary Assistant

Cindy Keeney

Shelter Vet Technician

Cindy Macie

Animal Care Technician

Coreen Ferguson

Animal Care Technician

Danielle Kirchstein

Training & Behavior Specialist

Erin Sutton

Spay, Neuter & Vaccine Clinic Office Manager

Jessica Janney

Surgical Veterinary Technician

Jessica Myrick

Adoption Counselor

Katie Buckner

Animal Care Technician

Laura Penhallegon

Adoption Counselor

LInda Guckert

Executive & Development Assistant
410-833-8848 x212

Lisa Bare

Animal Care Technician

Marlene Shear

Animal Care Technician

Mary Neidich

Spay- Neuter Receptionist

Megan Jacobs

Animal Care Technician

Melanie Holmes

Training Assistant

Norine Kirby

Surgical Veterinary Assistant

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