Our Adoption Center is currently operating by appointment only. We encourage potential adopters to complete an adoption application for pre-approval but it is not required. Click here for the application. We'll contact you to set up a time to visit.

Spay/Neuter & Wellness visits, as well as Bmore Kind Pet Food Bank food assistance are also being conducted by appointment only. Check the corresponding menu tabs for information. Call 410-833-8848 with questions. To apply for Bmore Kind Pet Food Bank assistance, click here.

Meet Our Team

Christine Decorse

Christine DeCorse
Executive Director
410-833-8848 x207

Katie Dixon

Katie Dixon
Shelter Director
410-833-8848 x200

Dr. Christina Barrett
Director of Veterinary Surgery & Shelter Medicine

Dr. Mary Zink

Dr. Mary Zink
Director of Veterinary Wellness & Shelter Medicine

Lisa Poland
Development Director
410-833-8848 x202

Kate Pika

Kate Pika
Marketing & PR Director
410-833-8848 x224

Veronica Vanhof

Veronica Vanhof
Cemetery & Funeral Director
410-833-8848 x219

Cathy Rose
Accounting Manager
410-833-8848 x217

woman with German Shepherd

Kim Toxie
Executive and Development Assistant
410-833-8848 x212

Alanna Gamerman
Animal Center Manager
410-833-8848 x204

Erin Sutton
Veterinary Center Office Manager
410-833-8848 x209

Mary Neidich
Veterinary Clinic Receptionist
410-833-8848 x209

Amy Trite staff photo

Amy Trite
Saturday Wellness Center Receptionist
410-833-8848 x209

Jessica Janney
Surgical Veterinary Technician

Sandy Geni
Surgical Vet Assistant

Coreen Ferguson
Shelter Veterinary Technician

Tammy Nalley
Shelter Veterinary Technician

Eliza Schmidt
Vet Assistant

Lauren Del Bene
Adoption Counselor

Julie Driver
Adoption Counselor

Emily Katseanes
Adoption Counselor

Blonde woman with dog

Emily Kucharczyk
Adoption Counselor

Claudia Lescalleette
Small Animal Specialist
410-833-8848 x211

Kate Buckner
Animal Care Technician

Ashley Byers
Animal Care Technician

Jacob Collins
Animal Care Technician

Madison Hylbom
Animal Care Technician

Crystal Sinclair
Animal Care Technician

Dylan Korotkin
Animal Care Technician

Rebecca Thompson
Animal Care Technician

Tempie White-Gosnall

Tempie White-Gosnell
Animal Care Technician

Megan Jacobs
Animal Care Tech/Training & Behavior Asst.

Ryan Kowalewski
Training & Behavior