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Adopter Resources

Having a pet can mean big life changes for a new adopter, and challenging for even long-time experienced pet owners. Fortunately, there are many free resources available online to help with quick questions and to get you on your way. We’ve included some links that we have found are helpful to potential adopters; those who are in need of a refresher on aspects of pet ownership, as well as those having to make decisions regarding the lives of their pets. Note that none of these should be a substitute for professional advice – or your own sound judgment regarding your animal family members.

Your Adopted Dog: The First Two Weeks

Preventing Separation Anxiety in Your Dog

Enrichment: The Key to Prevent Problem Behaviors

How to Use Positive Reinforcement Training

Confinement and Crate Training

Introducing Dogs and Cats

Catching a Loose Dog

Kennel Cough FAQs

How to Prepare for your New Cat

How to Deal with your Cat's Claws

Litter Box Tips

Acclimating your Cat to a Carrier

Rabbit Care Guide

Foods your Rabbit Shouldn't Eat

Best Greens & Veggies for your Rabbit

Household Pet Dangers Guide