Adopter Resources

Having a pet can mean big life changes for a new adopter, and challenging for even long-time experienced pet owners. Fortunately, there are many free resources available online to help with quick questions and to get you on your way. We’ve included some links that we have found are helpful to potential adopters; those who are in need of a refresher on aspects of pet ownership, as well as those having to make decisions regarding the lives of their pets. Note that none of these should be a substitute for professional advice – or your own sound judgment regarding your animal family members.

*Every dog adopted from BHS is entitled to a whole week of complimentary virtual live training from GoodPup! And that’s not all; even if you already have a furry canine friend, you can still benefit from GoodPup training.The company also generously donates to support our shelter pets when you sign up for their training.  Learn more about this fantastic initiative at:*

Your Adopted Dog: The First Two Weeks

Preventing Separation Anxiety

Enrichment for a Happy Dog

Housetraining Your Dog

Crate Training Your Dog

Kennel Cough

Dog Bite Prevention

Area Dog Trainers

Children and Dogs

Preparing for Your New Cat

How to Deal with your Cat's Claws

Litter Box Tips

Acclimating your Cat to a Carrier

Upper Respiratory Infections (URI) in Cats

Small Animal Care Checklist

two rats with their heads sticking out of a rattan enclosure

Rat Body Language

group of colorful Guinea pigs

Guinea Pig Care Guide

Rabbit Supply List

Best Greens & Veggies for Rabbits

Food Your Rabbit Should Never Eat

How to Properly Handle Your Rabbit

Why It's Dangerous to Keep Rabbits Outside

How to Litterbox Train Your Rabbit

Household Pet Dangers Guide

Hot Cars and Pets

People Food Pets Shouldn't Eat

Summer Safety Tips for Pets

Pet Fire Safety

Halloween Pet Safety

two cats in car engine

Winter Pet Tips

Dog in blue sweater running in snow

How Cold is Too Cold?

dog looking at food being served at holiday meal

Safe & Happy Holidays with Pets

12 Holiday Pet Safety Tips

New Year's Eve Pet Safety