Pregnant/New Baby

We’re happy to tell you that having a new baby doesn’t mean you have to give up your other baby. There is a lot of information out there, but here are some great resources to help you prepare so that your whole family can stay together during this exciting (albeit stressful!) time:

Preparing Your Dog for a New Baby (ASPCA)

Introducing Your Dog to Your New Baby (ASPCA)

Introducing Your Pet and New Baby (HSUS)


Many expectant mothers question if they should give up the family cat due to concerns about toxoplasmosis. Because it’s difficult for cats to transmit toxoplasmosis to humans, a pregnant woman is generally unlikely to contract the disease from her pet cat. For more information, please review the following:

Pregnancy and Toxoplasmosis (HSUS)
Defining Toxoplasmosis, its Symptoms and Causes (Mayo Clinic)

In the event that these alternative resources do not address the circumstances you are experiencing with your pet, please review how to surrender your pet to the Baltimore Humane Society by clicking here.

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