Behavioral Issues

First, talk to your vet about the issue. Many behavioral problems, such as litterbox issues, may actually be the result of a medical problem.

Is your pet spayed or neutered? This simple procedure can have a dramatic impact on some behaviors, and there are low cost options available, including our own Spay/Neuter Center.

Consult with an animal behaviorist or trainer. Many classes and consultations are very inexpensive and have amazing results. Often times, behavioral problems can be resolved with a little patience and creativity.

You may also call us and ask to speak with one of our trainers, who may be able to offer assistance. Please call 410-833-8848 x200 or send an email to

In the event that these alternative resources do not address the circumstances you are experiencing with your pet, please review how to surrender your pet to the Baltimore Humane Society by clicking here.

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