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Help support the medical expenses incurred when treating homeless animals in need of care. When a pet is surrendered to the Baltimore Humane Society, they are examined by a staff veterinarian, vaccinated for the most common infectious diseases, tested for heartworm (if a dog) or feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus (if a cat), wormed for intestinal parasites, treated with flea prevention, and finally they are spayed or neutered before being placed up for adoption. This generally costs the shelter a significant amount of money, but it’s a worthwhile investment for a pet to get a forever home. Unfortunately, not all animals come to the shelter in healthy condition. Some are found to have medical conditions that require further diagnostics, advanced medical treatment, and sometimes advanced surgical procedures before they can be adopted out to the community.

The cost of these medical procedures can add up quickly and place a huge financial burden on our already strained budget. That’s why we developed The Yukon Emergency Medical Fund. With your contribution every animal surrendered to Baltimore Humane Society will have a chance for a healthy life in a forever home!

Yukon’s Story

Yukon was brought to Baltimore Humane Society in April of 2010. At that time, he was a one year old male, husky-mix full of energy and optimism. When Yukon was being neutered, the veterinarian at the shelter discovered he had a very large cleft palate on the roof of his mouth. He was probably born with this abnormality and was lucky to have survived. Most dogs with an opening as large as Yukon’s cleft palate, would have died due to pneumonia, but Yukon beat the odds and survived an entire year with this medical condition.

As a no-kill shelter, Baltimore Humane Society is dedicated to helping its shelter residents medically so they can live full lives. By working with the Animal Dental Center, an area specialty practice located on Cromwell Bridge Road in Towson, Yukon was scheduled for a surgical procedure to repair his cleft palate. Dr. Ira Luskin and Dr. Tiffany Brown, both Diplomates of the American Veterinary Dental College, devised a surgical plan to get Yukon healthy again. According to Dr. Luskin, the owner of the Animal Dental Center, “We love being able to help our patients and serve our community by working with organizations such as yours to make those small differences in the lives of these animals and hopefully offer them a better quality of life as a result.” Yukon has several extensive oral surgeries and is now fully recovered. He is living with a very special adoptive family who made a place in their home and hearts for him.

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