Free Spay/Neuter & Rabies Vaccines For Qualifying Zip Codes

Baltimore Humane Society has received a special grant from the Maryland Department of Agriculture!

We are able to offer free spay, neuter, and rabies vaccines to pet owners who live in the following zip codes of Baltimore County, Carroll County, and Harford County:
Balto. County: 21136, 21117, 21133, 21244, 21208
Carroll County:  21157, 21158, 21787, 21048
Harford County:  210778, 21040, 21085, 21001

This is for owners with pets living in the home, not feral communities.

Schedule an appointment at 410-833-8848, ext. 209 and ask for the “Free Spay/Neuter Special.”
This is an income-based program by appointment. Proof of income and residence are required.
To qualify:
Head of household must make $25,000 annually or less as an individual OR
Head of household must make $42,000 annually or less with dependents listed on tax forms

Proof required:
Personal Identification matching benefit recipient AND

W2, 1099, or completed tax statement showing one of the above scenarios OR
Four consecutive pay stubs proving annual income for individual making less than $25,000 OR
Current letter of benefit for government assistance

Please also click and fill out our online application.

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