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Part-Time Training & Behavior Assistant

Training & Behavior Assistants provide daily socialization, exercise and enrichment to the dogs and cats with a strong focus on positive reinforcement methods and the reduction of fear, anxiety and stress using the Fear Free for Shelters model. The Training & Behavior Department conducts behavior assessments, implements enrichment and behavior modification plans and is supportive of the mission and goals of the Baltimore Humane Society.

Job Type: Part-Time

Hours: TBD (weekend day required) 9 am - 5 pm

Salary: $15/hr


Applicant must have a working knowledge of positive reinforcement training methods and be familiar with body language and behavior pertaining to dogs and cats. Minimum one year experience working in an animal shelter, boarding kennel or private practice required. Employees will be required to work with dogs and cats that may be large, strong, undersocialized or stressed. Must be able to work independently, in various weather conditions and exposed to consistent barking/loud noises.This is both a physically and mentally demanding position but very rewarding.   


  • Provide daily socialization and enrichment to the dogs and cats using positive reinforcement based methods
  • Recognize levels of Fear, Anxiety and Stress using the Fear Free for Shelters model
  • Advocate for the mental and physical well being of the dogs and cats by being able to recognize change and/or decline in behavior and work with the rest of the Training & Behavior team on creating and implementing behavior plans for those animals
  • Conduct Match Up II assessments on dogs and post bite evaluations on animals as needed
  • Run play dates/groups with the assistance of staff and approved volunteers
  • Conduct dog introductions with an applicant’s dog(s) and shelter dog
  • Work closely with area managers/departments on specific housing/enrichment needs
  • Provide support to adopters by helping them find a suitable match and after adoption though in person conversations, email and phone communication about shutdown periods, acclimation, enrichment and training
  • Participate in Behavior Meetings with the Training & Behavior Manager, Shelter Director and Executive Director
  • Assist in transfers by evaluating animals for the BHS adoption program and providing transport for those animals
  • Work with the Shelter Director and Volunteer Manager on with creating roles for volunteers in regards to behavior and enrichment and training volunteers through handling classes


Please send resume’ with cover letter to Katie Dixon, Shelter Director via email: [email protected]

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