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The BHS Community LOVES “Read to the Animals”!  Help us meet the surge in demand!  Donate so we can expand and get more kids reading to the animals!

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Enjoy reading aloud to a homeless dog, cat, or small animal at our no-kill shelter.  You’ll be giving much needed companionship to a lonely animal… and getting in some time for that book you’ve been meaning to read.

Our program is for children, adults, and seniors!  Come individually or as a group.  All we ask is that you schedule your time with us, and bring in your reading material.

Studies have shown that children who read to animals dramatically increase their reading and comprehension skills.  One study by University of California found that over the course of a ten week program, children improved their reading skills by thirty percent.  The judgment-free attitudes of the companion pets help motivate the kids to want to practice reading, give them more confidence, and in turn become more competent readers.  The extra bonus is that they learn to be more respectful of animals.

The children are not the only ones to benefit.  With the quiet one-on-one attention of the readers, the dogs, cats, and rabbits gain companionship and an overall calming effect.  Bonus — they learn to enjoy the company of children.

Schedule one reading session or multiple sessions.  Call Claire at 410-833-8848 ext. 223 or email

Become a Super Hero to the Pets!

Read multiple times and earn your way up to Super Hero.

Each time you visit to read, sign in with your parent or guardian at the greeting desk. When you reach 5 visits you will earn your first certificate!  Every visit you will earn “a reading point” and every 5 visits up to 25 you earn a new certificate award!  At 25 visits you will be awarded a ” Super Hero” to the pets award and be given a special commemorative bracelet for your participation in Reading to the Animals at Bmore Humane!

Here are the award levels:

Giddy Guinea Pig- 5 reading visits

Reading Rabbit – 10 reading visits

Cool Cat- 15 reading visits

Top Dog- 20  reading visits

Super Hero to the Pets- 25 visits

Learn more about the program in this report by WBAL-TV.

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