Claire is a 16 year old lap cat who loves attention!  This senior citizen loves to give as much love as she receives and is incredibly affectionate, according to her previous foster mom. 

Claire was diagnosed with anemia, renal disease, and hyperthyroidism. She is only medication for her thyroid condition.  She takes half a pill twice a day in her food.  Claire doesn’t mind taking her medication.  Her previous foster said she eats her food and pill without issue. 

Our vet is more than happy to speak with anyone interested in fostering or adopting this cuddle bug.  Contact if you have room in your heart for a sweet senior lady in need of some TLC.


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Know the Reward of Saving Two Lives!

When you foster a homeless dog or cat, you are saving the lives of two animals–the one you care for and one who fills the newly opened space in our no-kill shelter.  Some of our animals need to heal, mature or calm down a little before they can be adopted out.  They may be too young, too sick, or not socialized enough.  Some just do not adapt to shelter life or have been here for a long time and need to move to a home environment. Would you like to help them get back on their paws? Give a stressed, homeless animal a chance to decompress, remember what it’s like to be in a loving home, and brush up on its training so it can be adopted.

The Baltimore Humane Society is continuously looking for caring and devoted individuals to provide foster homes for animals in need. To increase these animals’ chances of adoption, they must be placed into foster care where they can receive the one-on-one attention that they need. Our need for foster homes is especially great during the spring/summer kitten season. Fostering a shelter animal is a wonderful and rewarding experience, but requires time and dedication. Although previous fostering experience is not required, the ideal foster parent will have basic knowledge of animal care and be committed to helping find their foster animals a safe and loving ‘forever’ home.

Here’s what our fosters have to say about our foster program:

“In the last 7 years, my daughter and I have fostered for 2 other rescues before finding BHS. We actually live in PA and I just love BHS and how they operate. Everyone there has been super to work with (not our previous experience elsewhere) and treat you just like an employee!” – Lisa Ogg

Fosters  Wanted



Scooby is sweet and fun loving.  He’d love to crash on your couch, bed, or wherever–he’s not too picky.  

Scooby loves to hang out with people.  He also loves to serenade his favorite people.  He’s not Ed Sheehan, but his music style is definitely unique.  


Dudley is an easy going guy who is a little stressed out at the shelter. 

He could really benefit from the extra TLC a foster home would provide him with while he waits for his happily ever after.  He’s lived with other cats and dogs before. 


If you’re looking to add a bit of fun to your house, Nino’s your man.  He loves to play!  Dogs, people, by himself–he’s not too picky. 

Nino’s an active fellow who will definitely not mind trying that five mile hike you have planned for the weekend. In fact, he would love it! He’s also incredibly smart and clicker trained!

We’re looking for a foster home for Nino because he’s been hanging out at the shelter with us for awhile. 

It would be awesome if he got a break from the noise and stress for a bit and was able to play and goof around in his foster home!





Desmond needs a little TLC–think he can get it at your place?

Desmond is a sweet cat who likes to play and chill out with people.  Staff and volunteers love to pet and play with him.  However, all the noise and happenings at the shelter are wearing on Desmond.  We believe he would do much better hanging out in a foster home until his forever home comes along. 










Foster Requirements

How to Foster

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Complete a Foster Care Application, and attend an orientation session with Foster Coordinator, and Trainer.
  • Provide your own transportation for routine veterinary appointments at our clinic (approx. every 2-3 weeks for booster shots for kittens/puppies)
  • BHS will cover basic animal care expenses (food, litter, etc.) BHS is also responsible for all medical expenses.
  • Willingness to actively ‘market’ your foster animals and assist in finding them forever homes (by attending our adoption events, etc.)
  • All pets in the foster home must be spayed/neutered unless medically cleared by a licensed Veterinarian.
  • All pets must be up to date on age appropriate vaccines unless medically cleared by a licensed Veterinarian.

For more information about becoming a foster care provider, please email Katie at or

Foster Applications

Apply online to foster a dog.
Apply online to foster a cat.

Fostering 101 Slideshow

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