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Thank you for your interest in volunteering. We have temporarily suspended volunteer recruitment and orientations due to COVID-19.

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  • Are you committed to improving animal welfare?
  • Do you want to make a difference?
  • Are you hard working?

Then the Baltimore Humane Society is looking for you! Volunteering at the Baltimore Humane Society is for those who love animals and are committed to improving their lives.

Volunteers must be age 18+ to work with the dogs directly and to staff offsite events.  Volunteers under 18 can work with the cats, small animals, and help with other tasks around the shelter such as cleaning, laundry, and dishes.  Volunteers age 12 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times, including during orientation, training, and service hours.

Students can also get service learning hours by volunteering at the shelter!

Volunteers are asked to provide at least eight hours of volunteer service per month, but we will not turn anyone down who cannot commit to this amount of time.  All volunteers are required to attend an orientation.  Additional training classes may be required for certain volunteer opportunities. All volunteers are subject to a background check.

Our Volunteer Opportunities are listed below.

To get started:

    • Fill out and submit one of the online volunteer application forms below. Please be aware that it may take a week to process your application. If you have any questions, please send an email to volunteer@bmorehumane.org.

Volunteer Application Form

  • Next, you will receive an email inviting you to sign up for a Volunteer Orientation Class.
  • Following orientation, you will then be able to select the training classes you would like in order to work in the different volunteer positions.

Volunteer Opportunities

Walk Our Dogs – We have acres of beautiful farmland and rolling hills to walk or run with our awesome dogs! You will have the opportunity to be an active participant in the Open Paw Program, which is an enrichment and training program geared toward improving the animals’ quality of life and their adoptability. The position can involve cleaning, which will involve hands on work hosing, sweeping, scooping up of poop, and laundry and dishes. Hygiene control is very important, as is ensuring that the dogs remain stocked up with food, water, bedding, and toys.

Care for Cats & Small Animals – In addition to playing with and socializing with either the cats or small animals (rabbits, guinea pigs, etc.) , the position can involve cleaning the animals’ kennels which involves hands on work and scooping up of poop! You will have the opportunity to be an active participant in the Open Paw Program, which is an enrichment and training program geared toward improving the animals’ quality of life and their adoptability. Hygiene control is very important, as is ensuring that the smaller animals remain stocked up with food, water, bedding, and toys.

Help Our Vet – This is an “open until filled” position. Assist in our Medical Center with data entry and monitoring. Any experience in an animal or human medical center is preferred, but not required.

Represent BHS at Events – BHS attends festivals, fairs, block parties, school events, as well as adoption events throughout the year. Volunteers need to be the friendly and informative representatives of BHS, to tell our story, assist with adoption applications, and answer questions as needed. The position will require politely asking for donations, set up/break down of booth/table, and returning items and attending pets to the office after the event.

Enrichment Squad – Help us increase the amount of enrichment we give our animals! People of any age can be on this squad and will be tasked with making and/or recruiting others to make home-made enrichment toys for the animals (dogs, cats, small animals). Anyone over 18 can be an enrichment supervisor and monitor the dogs while they play with these home-made enrichment toys.

Assist in Our Offices – The Shelter, Marketing, Development, and Cemetery Offices need help with filing, correspondence, data entry, and other administrative tasks. Computer proficiency is a big plus!

Help with Maintenance & Grounds-keeping – Assist our Facilities Manager or Cemetery Director with odd jobs and/or grounds-keeping. Must be physically able to safely complete these tasks.

Group Volunteering  – Our group volunteer opportunities typically include grounds keeping, landscaping, event help, various cleaning tasks, etc. These larger scale projects are typically things we as staff just cannot get to on a daily basis, and rely on our group volunteers to help us complete. One thing we like to mention right away is that to officially work hands on with our animals, there is training that is involved that all our current volunteers must complete before any socializing can take place. If you would like to become a consistent volunteer and be able to work with our animals, please fill out a volunteer application.  Please fill out our group volunteer form. More information is available if you click BHS Group Volunteer Guidelines.  If you have any additional questions you can either email volunteer@bmorehumane.org or call 410-833-8848 ext. 223. To sign your group up to Volunteer for DogFest, please fill out this form.

The Baltimore Humane Society wouldn’t be what it is today without the help of our dedicated volunteers! Their assistance is invaluable in our day-to-day operations. We offer our volunteers four enrichment events a year – two educational in-service days, and two social events – as a small token of our appreciation.

Volunteer Training Classes

These training classes are only for volunteers who have completed the initial orientation class. You must first register as a volunteer to become eligible.

Please click the link to sign up for any or all of the volunteer training classes you would like to attend.

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