Green Burials at the Baltimore Humane Society Cemetery

“One of the most beautiful words in the English language, ‘wilderness’ takes us to the source of beauty. Yet societies have had a mixed, sometimes challenging relationship with notions of ‘the wild.’ Wilderness speaks specifically to the freedom of a living Earth – a freedom that ought not be controlled. It resonates with every religion, whose prophets find wisdom in the wilderness. It is where we must also turn to reconnect with life on this planet, even in times of death.” – From the Green Pet-Burial Society 

When you choose to bury your beloved friend at the Baltimore Humane Society Memorial Park you are also choosing the life-affirming work at the Baltimore Humane Society. As a no-kill, private animal sanctuary we receive no support from the national Humane Society and no government support. Funeral services at our Memorial Park fully support our life-saving work.
You are also choosing a beautiful living memorial by bringing your companion to our nearly 400 acres of wildlife habitat. Our Memorial Park is a certified wildlife habitat and we are striving continuously to make this land ecologically healthy.

Our cemetery is under a protected deed. Already historic, our cemetery will be here in perpetuity: a safe place for your pet.

By choosing a Green Burial, you are helping transform your pet’s memorial into a forever living tribute to all wild animals who call Baltimore Humane Society “home”.

Our Green Burial Packages include:
♥ Biodegradable PawPod: PawPods are Eco-friendly and are made of bamboo powder, rice husk, and corn starch. Each Pod comes with a seeded card that can be planted to create a living memorial of the beloved pet. PawPods degrade in 3-5 years after being introduced to the environment.
PawPods are designed to be “personalization-friendly” and can be decorated and painted.
♥Customized memorial stone
♥Living memorial of your choice of five native aromatic or wildlife-friendly plant species such as perennial lavender or serviceberry
♥Funeral services
♥Burial in our cemetery, a Certified Wildlife Habitat

Very small animals, under five pounds (this is designed for pets such as hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, small birds and other very small animals): $300
Pets who are under 10 pounds: $1080
Pets who are between 10 and 20 pounds: $1120
Pets who are more than 20 pounds will be wrapped in a biodegradable bamboo fiber and cotton burial blanket: $1400

Cremation interments will be in a heart-shaped or traditionally-shaped biodegradable burial pod (your choice):
Under six pounds, $290 

6-30 pounds $530
31-70 pounds, $565
71-110 pounds, $600

Eco-friendly Grave Decorating Ideas

As you begin to consider more environmentally-friendly burial ideas, you might begin to wonder what are your options now for memorializing? As alternatives to plastic flowers, consider a small DIY project for your pet’s memorial made from natural materials. This is also a good opportunity to get young children involved in their lost friend’s memorial.

Grapevine wreaths:

I would make these all of the time as a kid. The materials are easy to find on a hike, in your yard or at a craft store. Grapevine wreaths are easy to customize for the pet and for the season. Think of dried flowers, fallen found feathers, fall leaves, small dried citrus and more. For instructions visit: Grapevine wreath instructions

Stone Cairns:

These artful stone arrangements have a history stretching back thousands of years. Stones are abundant and easy to collect and add to the natural beauty of the surroundings. They can be as simple or elaborate as you would like them to be.  Stone Cairn instructions:

Terra-cotta Pot Succulent or Fairy Gardens:

This is a little more ambitious but succulents are a beautiful and less maintenance is required to keep them healthy. “Fairy garden” instructions can be found here .

Painted stones:

Painted stones can be used surrounding your pet’s memorial stone or as a unique border around their entire space (this border is also known as a “grave curb”) which can then be filled in with plants, mosses, natural mulch, crushed stone or left natural. A painted stones tutorial can be found here


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