Funeral and Burial Services

Thank you for choosing to memorialize your companion with Baltimore Humane Society. We know how hard the loss of a beloved pet can be. They are not “just pets”. They are best friends, movie-night buddies, road-trip sidekicks, trusted confidants and much more.
When you chose to say “goodbye” at the Baltimore Humane Society Memorial Park, you can be comforted knowing that our Humane Society dates back to 1927. This Cemetery was founded by the Humane Society’s founder, Elsie Barton, who created this space exclusively for pets.

The Cemetery supports the life-saving mission of the Baltimore Humane Society.

The Memorial Park is also historic, with graves dating back to the 1930s and our land is deed-restricted — it cannot be changed or sold. Your pets are safe here, in perpetuity, with the standard of care we have always held ourselves to.

The Memorial Park is a Certified Wildlife Habitat and surrounded by acres of pet-friendly property and walking trails.

New Burial
A new burial means that the family will be purchasing a new plot for the pet. You are welcome to visit the Memorial Park to choose a space for your pet, our Memorial Park Services director can choose one for you (based on your specifications) or you can make an appointment to visit and choose a spot with the assistance of our director.
A new burial will accommodate a future burial for a second pet, if desired or needed in the future.
Our burial package includes the space (deeded to you and your heirs in perpetuity), a memorial service or viewing if you choose to have one, a 6″ X 12″ custom memorial stone (6″ X 6″ and 12″ X 18″ memorials also available). You are welcome to plant flowers, decorate and memorialize the pet in your way. We do not restrict your expressions of love and appreciation for your pets. 

$950 for pets under 30 lbs., $1250 for pets over 30 lbs.

Small Animal Funeral Services

We offer the same services for our smaller friends, too. Pets under five pounds get a special funeral package all to themselves. You can choose to have a viewing, service or graveside visit, a plot in one of our designated small-animal areas such as our bird sanctuary and a 6″ X 6″ custom-engraved memorial stone.

Small animal funeral and burial with memorial stone is $245.

Tandem or Tiered Burial
A “tandem” or “tiered” burial means that you already own a space and have a pet interred in the Memorial Park and you would like to inter a second pet with them. This is known as a “tiered” or “tandem” burial and is popular with many families who would like to keep their pets together.

A tandem burial is $600 (in an already-owned space)  and this price includes a 6″ X 6″ or a 6″ X 12″ memorial stone.

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