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Cremation & Interment Packages

Cremation uses clean, intense heat to return your pet to his or her basic elements.
Personalized and unique to every family’s needs, our cremation packages are designed to provide you with choices that you can feel comfortable with. We know how important your final moments are with your pet. If you need help or have questions, we are always here.
Packages and Pricing
We publish our prices because we think transparency is important. We want you to be able to make this decision with your family, privately, without the implied pressure of having to ask for pricing information. Pre-planning is available with a small deposit and weekly or monthly payments.
For more information about Pre-planning, see our FAQ page here: Baltimore Humane Society Memorial Park FAQs


Communal Cremation
Just as there is no wrong or right way to grieve, there is no wrong or right way to say “goodbye” to our loved ones. Sometimes, families do not require their pets’ ashes be returned to them or interred privately.
When this is the case, communal cremation is an option. As the name suggests, in a communal cremation, a group of pets are cremated together and their ashes are inseparable and are not returned to their families. Communally cremated pets’ ashes will be buried in a private pet cemetery.

Communal cremation prices:
Pets under 25 pounds, $40
Pets between 25 and 100 pounds, $65
Pets more than 100 pounds, please call for pricing.


Individual Cremation packages
Individual cremation means that your pet is cremated separately and the ashes are returned to you in a wooden urn with a brass name plate. Your pet’s ashes are returned to you within five days. Transportation is available until 4:30 pm, weekdays, from home or vet’s office for an additional fee of $100 or you may drop your pet off during regular Baltimore Humane Society hours.

  • Under six pounds, $95
  • 6-30 pounds, $140
  • 31-70 pounds, $170
  • 71-125 pounds, $195
  • Pets over 125 pounds, please contact us.

Individual Cremation and Interment
Cremation and Interment package: Includes the Individual Cremation services above and Private Permanent Interment (burial of pet’s urn and ashes) and Funeral Services in our serene, private Memorial Park, and a personalized 6″ X 6″ or 6″ X 12″ engraved memorial stone for the pet’s resting place.

  • Under six pounds, $300
  • 6-30 pounds $430
  • 31-70 pounds, $465
  • 71-100 pounds, $490
  • Pets over 100 pounds, please contact us.

Private Cremation and Witnessed Cremation Services available upon request
Private cremation means that your pet is the only pet being cremated; no other pets are in the cremation unit. Services can be attended, if the family wishes to be present. Please call us for more information and to make an appointment.

Interment of existing cremated remains
Sometimes, families have been keeping their pet’s ashes for years until they are “ready” to release them. Sometimes, as we get older, we worry about what will happen to our pets’ ashes and urns when we ourselves are no longer around to care for them. In some instances, it is common for families to have their pet’s ashes and urns for decades. Sometimes they simply lived out of state … or didn’t know about the Baltimore Humane Society’s memorial services. In any case, we welcome your pet’s existing ashes — even those of multiple pets.
We have dedicated sections, such as our beautiful bird sanctuary, specifically set-aside for existing cremated remains.
Our package includes our 6″ X 6″ or 6″ X 12″ custom-engraved memorial stone.

  • Interment of existing cremated remains with custom memorial stone, $450
  • Interment of multiple pets’ cremated remains (up to two) with custom memorial stone, $525
  • Interment of more than two pets, please add $50 for each additional urn.


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