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Baltimore Humane Society Memorial Park

Losing a pet can be a very painful time for anyone. We recognize that pets are family. They come into our lives and bring tremendous joy and happiness, and when they leave, they often impart a great sadness upon us. We understand and are here to help.

Baltimore Humane Society offers memorial services and a final resting place for your pets at its pet cemetery, located on the grounds of our Wildlife Sanctuary. Baltimore Humane Society Memorial Park provides a serene setting for individuals to remember and share their love for a beloved family pet. We also offer a variety of bereavement support services and tributes to remember and honor your pet.

An Extension of Your Care

Providing a final place for your friend to rest, or a memorial recognition at Baltimore Humane Society Memorial Park, does more than demonstrate your love for your pet. It also shows your compassion and understanding for the pets in our care at the Humane Society, as all proceeds from our memorial services support the life-saving efforts of the Humane Society’s adoption and spay/neuter programs. Your final gesture of love for your pet helps assure the life and love of many more pets at the Humane Society. Thank you.

Funeral Services

Memorial services for loved ones are an important part of the grieving process. We offer a variety of different services to meet the needs of each individual, and we are here to help.

Interment Options

Individuals wishing to lay their pets to rest within Baltimore Humane Society Memorial Park have several options for interment:

  • Standard headstones included with each plot
  • Private viewings upon request
  • Custom headstone selection
  • All plots are prepared to accommodate a tandem burial for future needs
  • Casket selection – Standard or Deluxe, Eco-friendly and natural wood selection upon request
  • Burial services available with or without casket


Option of receiving the cremains in an ornate wooden urn or interring them within Baltimore Humane Society Memorial Park.
Special arrangements may be made for individuals wishing to spread ashes or inter the cremains in an alternate location.

Pet Removal and Transport

We ask that if you are bringing your pet for burial or cremation, that it must be done before 4:30pm.

If you are unable to transport your pet, it can be arranged for a member of our staff to pick up its remains from home or veterinary office Monday through Friday.

For more information about our services, please contact our Funeral & Cemetery Services Director, Matthew Wilson, at 410-833-8848 x219 or

Learn a little more about the life of a Pet Funeral Director in a Baltimore Magazine article profiling Andrew Mazan.

Bereavement Counseling & Support

“May it make your sorrow easier for you to bear knowing there are other who understand and care.”
–Unknown Author

Baltimore Humane Society Memorial Park takes the loss of your pet seriously, and believes in doing all we can to help you through this difficult time. We understand how devastating it can be to lose a companion pet. To help you with your grief we offer several different complimentary services.

Immediate Private Counseling

This is a one-time session with a counselor if you feel the need for some extra help dealing with the loss of your pet. We will put you in touch with the counselor and you can make an appointment to meet in person or over the telephone. Following the session, you’ll have the option to continue for a small fee.

Bereavement Support Group

The Baltimore Humane Society Memorial Park holds a monthly bereavement group to help you cope with the loss or extreme illness of a pet. Anyone whose pet has passed away, been lost, sick, or dying is welcome to join the group at any time. Members take comfort in sharing with others going through the same difficult experience.

The group is a safe haven where individuals can freely talk about their pet knowing others are interested in hearing their story. It is a place of emotional and practical support helping participants cope with their loss. Please join our free, non-denominational group, led by a Certified Bereavement Counselor. You do not need to have your pet buried in Baltimore Humane Society Memorial Park to join the group. All are welcome! Read more in an article about the group.

The group meets the first Tuesday evening of each month at 7pm for one hour.

Please call to RSVP. Call 410-833-8848 x219 or email

Facebook Bereavement Group Page

For those of you who would rather connect to support online, you can join the Baltimore Humane Society Memorial Park Bereavement Group Facebook Page. An online support group. Share photos and stories of your pet. Visit the Notes page for discussions and helpful information. Posts can only be seen by group members.

Expanded Book Collection

The Baltimore Humane Society Memorial Park also offers a number of books to pet owners as an added resource.

Pricing for Cemetery Services


Cremation (Private): $195 Under 30lbs., $245 Over 30lbs.

Cremation & Interment
(Personally Engraved Stone Paver & Remains Buried Underneath)

6″ x 6″ natural stone with engraving: $335 Under 30lbs., $420 Over 30lbs.
6″ x 12″ natural stone with engraving: $425 Under 30lbs., $505 Over 30lbs.
9″ x 18″ natural stone with engraving: $515 Under 30lbs., $580 Over 30lbs.

Here is a link to Pet Memorial Services, our cremation company. We understand that there are many options and sometimes it is a difficult choice when deciding what to do with your pet’s ashes. Please visit their website and take a look around to see if you find something that interests you.


Tandem Burial
(Burial with Pre-owned Plot, Memorial Service & 18″ x 9″ Natural Blue Stone Headstone): $600

New Burial
(Includes Cemetery Plot, Accommodates Future Tandem, Memorial Service & 18″ x 9″ Natural Blue Stone Headstone): $950 Under 30lbs., $1050 Over 30lbs.


Basic: $100 – $200
Deluxe: $200 – $300
Elite: $300

Headstone Pricing

Humane Society engraved natural blue stone 18″ x 9″: $250

Tributes to Remember & Honor Your Pet

The Baltimore Humane Society Memorial Park offers several different tributes to remember and honor your pet’s memory. As pet lovers, many who utilize the services at our pet cemetery often wish to preserve their pet’s memory and ensure the park’s longevity through planned giving or a memorial tribute. Please contact our Memorial Park Director, Matthew Wilson, at to arrange for any or all of the following.

Tribute Stones

Tribute stones are a lovely way to permanently honor your pet. These beautiful customize stones are displayed along the Memorial Park entrance pathway.

Tribute Stone Paver Pricing


6″ x 6″ – 3 Lines with 25 total characters: $150
6″ x 12″ – 3 Lines with 35 total characters: $250
12″ x 12″ – Multiple Lines & Characters: $400

Click here to make a tribute stone paver purchase.

Living Memorial
(including burial, no tandem): $1750

(Burial, Stone and Japanese Maple planted in memorial)

Garden Stones

Garden stones memorial photos

These beautiful likenesses of your furry friend, family, or any favorite object (view our detailed images) are 6”x9”, made with any full color photo along with custom text and design.  These great stones are perfect for existing furry family members or ones who have passed on to the Rainbow Bridge.  They make great additions to any pet lover’s garden. All proceeds go to care for the homeless animals at Baltimore Humane Society’s no-kill shelter.

Perfect for shelves, desks, bookends, and in gardens.  Preserve your favorite photos and memories on stone or slate, beautiful either indoors or out.  Your favorite photos on striking customized stone!

This is a custom ordered item.  For more information call 410-833-8848, ext. 219 or email for design details.

Pet Portraits

A portrait created by local artist, Joanna Barnum. It is a beautiful way to memorialize your beloved pet.

Pick Up Service

For pets that need to be picked up from a veterinary hospital or home, there is a $75 Pick up Charge. Monday through Friday only.

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