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Educational Programs, Tours & Service Projects

Baltimore Humane Society’s Humane Education & Community Outreach Program helps to advance the cause of the humane treatment of animals and increase awareness of animal issues through public education.

Be a Humane Good Citizen!

Any kids under age 18 can be a Baltimore Humane Society Humane Good Citizen! Run a fundraiser or collect donations and receive a special certificate and surprise gift. You can get some fundraiser ideas below under our Service Projects section.

Educational Programs

We invite the community to participate in any of our educational programs listed below. You can also schedule a shelter tour to learn about our history, operation, and adoptable pets. (PLEASE NOTE: In order to accommodate all requests, we prefer that tours be scheduled at least 4 weeks in advance.  For the remainder of year, the classes listed below are only available during weekdays.)

Businesses and youth groups are also invited to plan a service project for our no-kill shelter. To schedule or for questions, please contact Heather or Wendy at or by calling 410-833-8848 x202 to get started.

Choose from any the below educational programs:

Being Doggone Safe (Basic course)
Grades Pre-K – 6th grade, 10am – 3pm, Tues-Thurs

  • Safe behaviors around dogs that are our pets
  • Safe behaviors around strange dogs
  • Basic bite prevention
  • How to greet a pet
  • How and when not to greet a pet
  • What to do if a strange dog approaches

Pets Have Feelings Too!
Grades Pre-K – 2nd

  • Understand that pets have feelings
  • Understand that pets have feelings similar to those of human beings
  • Understand that pets have needs for safety and happiness like human beings

Kindness to All Pets
Grades Pre-K – 5th

  • Kindness to animals
  • Behaviors that are kind to animals
  • The opposite of kind is cruel
  • How to report cruelty to an animal

Caring For Your Pet: Basic Pet Needs
Grades Pre-K – 5th

  • The similarities and differences between human and pets needs
  • That pets are not disposable (should not be)
  • The proper treatment of pets by their family
  • Pets need love and kindness just like people

Rabbits as Pets
Grades Pre-K – 4th

  • How to care for a rabbit
  • Basic rabbit care
  • How to hold a rabbit
  • Is a rabbit the right pet for my family?

Dollars and Sense: Pets and Your Piggybank
Adaptable to all grade levels

  • The responsibility and financial commitment associated with having a pet

Marketing Pet Adoptions
Middle or High School Students

  • Prepare and utilize a marketing plan to help one of our adoptable pets find a forever home.
  • This class can also be used as a service learning project.

Service Projects

Children and their parents can become foster families for our adoptable pets and simultaneously earn their community service hours

Help Maintain our Grounds
Various projects including planting, weeding, raking

Print & Post Brigade for Adoption Flyers
Help our pets find homes by printing and posting our adoption flyers for furry friends having a difficult time getting adopted.
Make an Animal Adoption Board: Take adoptable pets photos from our website, and create a poster board display to hang in your school or activity center.

Art Projects

  • Making enrichment dog and cat toys
  • Making bird houses
  • Making feral cat shelters
  • Making murals to hang up
  • Making blankets
  • Making treats
  • Drawing pictures to decorate our facilities
  • Making catnip toys or dog toys
  • Making Bandanas for dogs/cats
  • (Seasonal) Make decorations for holidays


  • Donation Drive: Collect items from our Wish List for the pets at BHS
  • Lemonade stand
  • Bake sale
  • Joe Corbi’s or seasonal fundraisers
  • Towel & Blanket Drive

Required Outreach Forms

Please fill out the required forms and bring them with you on the day of your visit to BHS. If you have any questions, please contact Heather or call Wendy at 410-833-8848 x202.

Thank you from all of us here at the Baltimore Humane Society!

Photograph/Video Release Form
BHS Visit Permission Slip
BHS Tour/Visit Guidelines Form

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