Behind the Scenes Experience

Caretaker to the Animals Airbnb Experience
Experience what it takes to be an animal caretaker at a no-kill animal shelter. Glamour work, it’s not. But rewarding, absolutely.
You’ll be helping shelter staff with assorted daily chores necessary to keep the animals staying with us well fed and cared for. Each morning the chores begin and last for a few hours. You’ll be helping to clean dog kennels, clean cat cages, prepare meals, launder and whatever other task may be necessary that day. You may also help make enrichment toys to keep the animals stimulated. You may have the opportunity to shadow staff through the match-making process for potential adopters. End your time with a social visit with one of our shelter pets. Take a walk around our beautiful 365 acre wildlife sanctuary, enjoy the beauty, and take pride in helping those who don’t have a voice of their own.
This experience can be adapted for children as young as 5 to give them a behind the scenes look at humane care and a chance to meet and greet shelter pets!
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