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2020 Pet Memorial Day Tributes

“Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you..I loved you so- ’twas Heaven here with you.” – Isla Paschal Richardson

In remembrance of those we have loved and lost, and all of the love, laughter and tears we shared.
Your memorial gift will go directly toward helping animals awaiting their forever homes.
Please feel free to share the page with family and friends, and know that we join you
in the celebration of all they meant to you and yours.


Brandy Bellows

Forever Loved

Baby Girl Bellows

Forever Loved

Patrick Lindars

Forever Loved

Badger Dickman

Born: July 2008
Sunset: July 2020

Moonpie Pika

Born: June 2007
Adopted: July 2009
Sunset: March 2020

Jake Link

Born: January 2007
Sunset: March 2020

Foxy Roxy Conteh

Born: July 2010
Sunset: February 2020

Sir Philliam McCatterson, Duke of Dundalk

Born 2006
Adopted 2018
Sunset 2020

Cinnamon Ricks

Born: 2005
Sunset: 2020

BabyKat Kimbrel

Born: August 2006
Sunset: July 2017

CoCo Kimbrel

Born: December 2008
Sunset: October 2019

Lexi Glassman

Born: October 2014
Sunset: April 2020

Tovi Weiner

Born: January 2005
Sunset: January 2018

Dusty Weiner

Born: June 2006
Sunset: August 2020

Gracie Glassman

Born: February 2006
Sunset: February 2012

Scout Baker

Born: 2010
Sunset: 2020

Rosie Davis

Born: January 2000
Sunset: December 2015

Diamond Geni

Born: June 2009
Sunset: April 2020

Bear Lupton

Born: 2003
Adopted: 2017
Sunset: 2019

Maris DeCorse

Born: November 2003
Adopted: December 2013
Sunset: October 2019

Bridgett DeCorse

Born: October 2006
Adopted: July 2013
Sunset: February 2016

Shiloh Hoffman

Forever Loved

Midnight Hoffman

Forever Loved

Diesel Bondi

Born: October 2001
Adopted: December 2015
Sunset: August 2020

Raven Lurie

Born: September 2007
Sunset: December 2019

Kanye Dillon

Adopted: November 2011
Sunset: August 2020

Penny Robinson

Adopted: February 2014
Sunset: March 2020

CoCo Bondi

Adopted: January 2009
Sunset: February 2017

Westie Robinson

Born: 8/8/2007
Sunset: 8/25/2020

Louie Keeney

Adopted: 7/8/15
Laid to rest: 12/21/15

Cappy Rosenfeld

Sunrise: June 2001
Sunset: June 2018

Lucy Chester

Forever Loved

Albert Stewart

Adopted: 2018
Sunset: 2020

Sabastian Bishop Neilson

Adopted: 2005
Sunset: 2020

Pebbles & Raisin Pielnik

Pebbles - Born: 1977
Sunset: 1989
Raisin - Adopted: 1980
Sunset: 1991

Harley "Mr. Harls" Gerhart

Adopted: August 2014
Sunset: March 2016

Woodrow “Woody” Zeglin

Born: February 1998
Sunset: July 2014

Bella Reaves

Forever Loved

Daisy Mae & Hazel Nut Goldsmith

Daisy Mae - Born: 2003
Sunset: 2016
Hazel Nut - Born: 2006
Sunset: 2020

Pearl & Lady Thobe

Pearl - Adopted:
February 2008
Sunset: August 2019
Lady - Adopted:
April 2008
Sunset: March 2020

Pumpkin Honeycutt

Born: October 1997
Sunset: April 2015

Bella Long

Born: 2009
Sunset: 2020

Ty & Jewel Lackey

Ty - Born: February 2007
Sunset: September 2018
Jewel - Adopted: 2001
Sunset: November 2015

Woody Dore' Waters

Born: July 2006
Adopted: June 2008
Sunset: June 2020

El Jefe Lando

Born: March 2009
Sunset: Sept 15, 12:45pm, 2020

Pepper Lindars

Born: May 2010
Sunset: September 2020

Mimosa Ross

Adopted: 2007
Sunset: April 2020

Kit Cat Keeney

Forever in my Heart

Juno Larrimore

Birthdate: 2011
Sunset: October 2020

King Caldwell

Adopted: January 2009
Sunset: May 2020